How to win Hitlink jackpot ?

VERY IMPORTANT : Use same “username” and “email address” on all hitlnk connected sites.

The Activity Points and Jackpot on HitLink are a incentive and reward system, designed as something that is supposed to be fun and entertaining in the otherwise mundane and boring nature of surfing for traffic. It is not designed as a income earner on itself. There is never a gurarantee of any earnings.

The weekly Jackpot grows over the week, and at the end of the week the top 25 members get to share the weekly Jackpot. Prizes can include:

1: Cash
2: Referrals
3: WebSite Hits
4: Banners Impressions
5: Text ad Impressions

How to Earn Activity Points on Hitlink ?

Activity Points Each Page Surfed – 1

Logging in to the site (once each day)- 100

Bonus for logging in 5 out of 7 days in a week- 1000

Referring a person that activates his/her account-  1000

Convert Tokens – as per no of tokens

Maximize your results by using other sites that
offer HitLink Activity Points.
Earn Tokens, then convert the tokens to
Activity Points at the right time to quickly boost your rank.

Earn More Activity points From Other Domains See list below

           Title                                                      URL                                                            Category

  1. Paragon Mailer                                                    Viral Mailer
  2. HitsProsper                                                             Traffic Exchange
  3. ListProsper                                                               Viral Mailer
  4. Fast List Mailer                                               Viral Mailer
  5. Paragon Traffic                                                    Traffic Exchange
  6. TrafficProsper                                                      Traffic Exchange
  7. Traffic 4 Webmasters                           Traffic Exchange

You will earn extra hitlink activity points on above list of traffic exchange for :

  1. log in
  2. adding sites
  3. adding banners
  4. surfing
  5. sending email
  6. referring

the 25 players with highest activity points will earn part of jackpot

Other benefits of using all partner sites along with Hitlink

  • promote links and referral link for free
  • promote free banners
  • claim rewards on connected sites
  • promote text links
  • its free no money required
  • Downline builder for free
  • 2000 free credits on list prosper
  • 1000 free credits on paragon mailer
  • free mailing reset on paragon mailor and list prosper
  • 7000 promotion points per day to win jackpot on twistrix
  • you can also claim rewards on Twistrix after surfing 25 pages on each of above sites to win jackpot on twistrix

How to win jackpot on Twistrix

  1. surf 25 pages on each of the abovehitlink connected sites
  2. log on to twistrix
  3. click on Rewards from menu
  4. you will see the list of 6 TE
  5. click on claim
  6. you will earn-2000 Banner,2000 Text ads and 2000 Promotion Points
  7. the 25 user with more promotion points will earn part of jackpot.
  8. banner and text ads you can use for promote your links
  9. you will earn 1 promotion point for each page surfed on autosurf

NOTE: You must enter your referral IDs/Usernames for the sites you wish to claim a reward for.
You do this on the Downline Builder page.

I have made 1000 of referrals using above sites on bitcoin faucets (coinpot and big winner faucets)