What is u click ?

U click is new multicoin faucet which pay to faucethub. It is multicoin faucethub Faucet supports 10 crypto-coins , listed below. minimum withdraw threshold is 0.00000001 for each and every coins. It means no minimum.

Payout rates : every 5 minutes

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Claim: 320483 blk CLAIM NOW!

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Claim: 13943 btx CLAIM NOW!

Claim: 204 dash CLAIM NOW!

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special Features

Maintain your account, keep a check on your activity and everything else from one single place.
Detailed statistics.

Referral program

You can track your referral earnings . Referral Commission is 25%


We don’t allow:
1. Bots and Macros.
2. Multi-accounts (maintaining multiple accounts).
3. Anonymous proxies, VPN, or VPS.
4. Referral claims made with the same IP address.
5. Trying to bypass the Captcha.
6. Use wallet addresses from multiple FaucetHub accounts.
* Your account will be automatically blocked without any warning. Please be fair.