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  • The most popular Paid-to-Promote program where you get paid to:
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First things first, some details about our publisher program:

Drive traffic to your PTP link and/or SURF our ads,

Then simply watch your earnings grow.

The more sources you have, the more you earn!

We count both unique and non-unique visits,

Per 24 hour period and per user.

Unlike other PTPs which pay only for unique visits globally.

You get paid for your referrals activity as well.

We have no limits on the amount of referrals you can have! Start building your downline now!

Detailed user-activity tracking.

We offer the most detailed statistics possible regarding user account activity!

Weekly activity contests.

The most active users earn even more simply by promoting their PTP link or by SURFing ads.

Here’s example of PTP and referral link:

Simply promote this URL and watch your earnings grow. The more you promote, the more you earn!

VALID traffic sources
Grid & Prize programs
Manual PTC & TE
Revshare sites
Social sites

INVALID traffic sources
Rotator-advertising programs
Autosurf programs
PTP programs

For more specific information & rules make sure you read our terms.
Warning: promoting in any of the above mentioned INVALID traffic sources will lead to account suspension!

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Ans .Check out where others are promoting on our TOP Traffic page.

How much I can Earn ?

Current pay rates per valid PTP & SURF visits

UNIQUE $0.000250 USER SURF RATE $0.000200
1st NON-UNIQUE $0.000125 REF. SURF RATE $0.000040
2nd NON-UNIQUE $0.000060 SURF DURATION 5 seconds
3rd NON-UNIQUE $0.000030 LIMIT / 24 HRS 1,250
4th NON-UNIQUE $0.000015
5th NON-UNIQUE $0.000007
6th NON-UNIQUE $0.000004
7th NON-UNIQUE $0.000003
8th NON-UNIQUE $0.000002
9th NON-UNIQUE $0.000001
10th NON-UNIQUE $0.000001
11th NON-UNIQUE $0.000001
12th NON-UNIQUE $0.000001

Publisher program details

By counting both unique and non-unique visits per 24 hour period and per user, adds up to a potential of $0.0005 per valid source (IP)/day. So start promoting your PTP link on various allowed sites such as Paid-To-Click, Manual Traffic Exchanges, Revshare sites, Grid & Prize programs, Social media, etc while following the rules outlined within our terms.

Not having any means to promote? No problem! Check out our SURF module where you get paid $0.000200 per surfed site. That’s an easy $0.25/day for surfing all our daily ads.

Refer your friends & family to our site (separate internet connection & computer required for each user) and watch your earnings grow even faster. You get paid 20% of what they earn from both our PTP and SURF modules!

We do not have any limits on potential earnings nor on the amount of referrals you may have. At rotate4all, even the sky’s no limit!