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DOGEX CC Faucet like

Get DOGE for viewing sites

After you click start, a new tab will open. Please do not close it while the timer is running. When the right time passes, you will be credited DOGE.



Share this link and earn: 
10% of the cost of the links viewed by your referrals 
3 DOGE for registering each new referral


Minimum amount to send – 10 DOGE .2 DOGE COMMISSION

Advertise your links

Unlike other sites in Dogex surfing, the advertised link opens in a full-fledged new browser tab, which allows you to advertise pages that cannot be opened in iFrame (for example, links to groups or Vkontakte, Youtube, Facebook posts). 
You choose the price for the visit yourself, the conversions are sold according to the auction scheme, that is, the higher the transition rate you specify, the higher your site will appear in the list and the more conversions you will receive. The minimum price per visit is 0.5 DOGE.

For greater transparency of advertising campaigns, we have introduced a separate balance for each ad. Now you can choose how much DOGE can be spent for a particular ad. 
In order to add funds to your ad, please click on the ad balance in the advertisers section and transfer the required amount from your wallet.


Wallet is already built into the site! You do not need to register it.

Instant sending of coin to any address

Creating multiple addresses

Commission only 2

Attract REAL AND INTERESTED Cryptocurrency Users

Price per visit from 0.5 per.

There is no minimum threshold for starting a campaign.

no cheats, only honest views!

See the sites and earn!

Affiliate program: 10% of the cost of links viewed by your referrals

3 DOGE for each new referral!

Instant withdrawal of earned Coin

Unique CRASH mode!

High chances of winning! Multiplier to x100!

You will have many victories!

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