Review of Bitnyx

Review Of bitnyx– Free bitcoin faucet

Reward per claim –  10  satoshi

Pays in currency – Bitcoin

Minimum reward – 10 satoshis

Timing between claims – 20 minutes

Referral commission – 50 %

Loyalty bonus – increase 1 % par day

Captcha – recaptcha

Pop ups – no

No of captcha solve required – only 1

Need to visit short link – no

Withdraw threshold –  0.00025000 BTC

Payment frequency – when reach Threshold on sunday

Pays to wallet – Faucethub or Direct

other ways of earning on above site – refer to friends

Watch video to know how to claim on bitnyx in less time and efforts

Special features of bitnyx

A new Bitcoin faucet is out ! The main things :

Every week on Sunday automatically withdraw all of your current balance without transaction fees directly to your previous indicated bitcoin address. You can add or change your bitcoin address in settings. Minimum available withdraw is 0.00025000 BTC.

You can claim 0.00000010 BTC every 20 minutes. Simply complete the captcha and then click on the claim button.

You can get 50% bonus from each referral claiming. Share your referral link!

Every week you have opportunity to win 0.00100000 BTC prize. If you will claim more bitcoins than other users (including referral bonus) you will get this prize.You automatically participate in a weekly competition. To win, you need to earn the biggest amount of satoshi during the week. The winner is determined on Sunday 23:59 UTC and he receives 0.00100000 BTC on the balance of the site.

Good luck and enjoy your staying.