Play satoshi win Review

  Play Games — Claim Satoshis


Claim anything between 1 and 10 satoshis every 60 minutes.


The minimum withdrawal amount is 2500 satoshis.


Referral Commission


Spread the word, and start receiving 50% referral commission for lifetime.You’ll earn 50% from each claim your referrals make at our faucet.



Bitcoin Faucet

Earn between 1 and 10 satoshies by doing literally nothing – just completing a single captcha. Go ahead, just take your coins from our pool!EARN BITCOIN


  • Satoshi Snake
  • Coin Flipper
  • Grid Game
  • Guess the Number

Satoshi Snakes

Are you bored? Perhaps, you should play our Satoshi Snakes and earn some coins while doing so. It’s fun and a time-killer!



Find The Number

Do you have what it takes to find the lucky number? Put your luck to test and find the hidden number. Worth a play, right?FIND THE NUMBER


Coin Flipper

Wondering how to increase your Bitcoins? We got a fix. Bet your money, and flip the coin, and watch your money grow (or shrink).FLIP THE COIN


Grid Game

Testing your luck? Try to hit big at our grid game! Remember, prizes are chosen randomly. Try your luck, and win big without any risk!CLICK & WIN