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Earn bitcoin every 15 minutes

Affiliate Commissions Available

Faucet 10% Faucet Earnings
Hi Lo Game 5% Prize Winnings
Lootbox 5% Prize Winnings

Get Free Bitcoin

Top Prize is $50

Click the ROLL AND CLAIM button to get your free bitcoins. The amount of bitcoins that you get will depend on the number that you roll and paid out according to the payout table below.

You can come back and play every 10 minutes to win free bitcoins each time!

9999 – 100000.01218681 ฿
9990 – 99980.00121868 ฿
9900 – 99890.00001219 ฿
9600 – 98990.00000122 ฿
0 – 95990.00000012 ฿


You can withdraw your balance to any Bitcoin address of your choice using this page. All transactions are instant, non-refundable and should be in your Bitcoin wallet within a hour.

Amount to Withdraw ฿
Enter amount in Bitcoin – eg 0.00001000
Minimum withdrawl amount is ฿ 0.00100000
Transaction Fee

The transaction fee is required and cannot be changed. It will be deducted from your main amount you are withdrawing
Bitcoin Wallet Address 
This should be your wallet address – it should look a bit like this: 32Vt5jKoJ2Di1esU6DiwGJqh1bydqCQF3U

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Creating a lootbox allows you to create games for our users to play – and you’ll earn EVERY TIME someone plays! The only thing you cover is the Prizes you give away and a small commission we need to cover the cost of the system and referral payments!