New Amazing Simple Bitcoin And Altcoins Faucets

Benefits Of Simple Bitcoin Faucets

  • It pays instantly to
  • They pay 50 % referral commission
  • They are very simple
  • Play games and earn btc
  • No shortlinks
  • No mining
  • Use balance to create own faucets or withdraw to your wallet


All the simple faucets Below pays to

All the above simple faucets pays to


What is ?

Why choose to serve for your webstore/game/application?

  • Micro-wallet platform like
  • Immediate transactions
  • Participants of the system send and receive crypto-currency instantly,
  • no coin-network delays.
  • With us Bitcoin finally works real-time.
  • Easy to integrate
  • Simple yet powerful API is good for all clients, form “small game” like faucets and arcades, to stores, multi-player games and casinos.
  • The HTTP/JSON integration is easy to implement using any of popular programming language.
  • Free ready-to-use software packages are available.
  • Tiny comission
  • We work hard to keep commission at the lowest point of the industry by keeping the operational cost low and pass it to our customers.
  • Fast, Reliable, Secure
  • Custom-made security measures provide extra barrier to guard your crypto-currency assets from hackers and cheaters.
  • Service running on the state-of-art data center, 24/7 monitoring, support engineers on duty, 99.9% up-time.