Instant payments to faucethub no minimun to withdraw or direct to your litecoin wallet (0.02 ltc) 10% referral for life unlimited referrals no click nedeed to earn from referrals increase your money with adpacks up to 150% of the money deposited

We work with this pay procesors we have pre-installed for use but at the moment only using coinpayments and faucethub

In order to participate in the contest, you must meet all requirements and click the button ‘Participate’

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Litecoin ads?

We are a marketing platform where You can buy an Ad campagne and grow your business, or view Ads and earn real Litecoin. There are multiple ways of advertising and earning.

How to begin?

Register a valid E-mail, choose your username and password, click verification E-mail (check spam).

As a free member you can click 8 adds a day in the PTC section and watch 10 videos.

Premium users Unlock hidden ads and have more videos to watch, plus they are earning a lot more per click.

Ways to earn.

There are multiple ways to earn. By clicking ads, doing tasks and offers, watching videos, renting referrals, revenue sharing also playing Traffic grid can earn you voluble rewards. More is coming soon.


You can refer people directly via your or rent your referrals. This will make you earn commission on work they do. We always guarantee that the referrals you rent were active in the last 2 days.

How to withdraw?

You can withdraw your earnings instantly via Faucethub in which case the minimal limit is Ł 0.00001000, or directly to your Litecoin wallet via Coinpayments processor, minimal limit is Ł 0.0060000. More options will be implemented soon.


Is a micropayment wallet which has to be linked to your Litecoin wallet. We sugest You try it out.

How to deposit?

Deposits can be made via Pay Pal, Coin Payments, with Litecoin directly or with Faucethub(contact admin)

Buy premium.

Premium users earn significantly more per click and your referrals clicks, You also unlock hidden ads and videos. There are two types of premium. Standard and gold. ´link to premium page´


Main balance: is used as your main funds which You can withdraw or transfer to other balances

Purchase balance : is used for buying ad packs, advertisements, renting referrals and upgrading your account.

Commission balance: is where commissions from all your referrals are made. Which You can then transfer or spend on ads.

Traffic balance: Is where you earn free Litecoin only for advertising. Traffic balance can not get transferred or withdrawn.

Revenue share.

This is a chance to promote your website or referral links and earn sheared revenue. You have to be active every day and surf at least 10 adds in order to get your share.


No double accounts (same goes for two people under one I.P. adress), No malicious activity, be nice in chat