How to earn bitcoins and altcoins with zero investment

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment ?

Beginners guide by MINIBITCOINS

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What should I need to start business ?
  1. Email address
  2. Internet connection
  3. Smart phone
  4. Pc or laptop
  5. Bitcoin address
  6. Alt coin addresses
  7. Knowledge of English
  8. Any browser like chrome

Method 1

Step 1 – Register for bitcoin wallets & altcoin wallets and microwallets

First you need to register for bitcoin and altcoins wallet which provide addresses  to receive money in crypto currency. They store it securely free of cost. It is free of cost.

Here are some  multicoin wallets which provide you addresses for receiving money.

  1. Cryptonator (universal)– web wallet
  2. Zebpay (for india) – android mobile app
  3. Free wallet – (universal)android app for mobile
  4. Unodax wallet by unocoin (for india)– android mobile app and web wallet

(it is not necessary to sign up for all wallets. Choose only one which suits you)

Users also need to register following all micro-wallets to receive small amounts from many sites.

  2. Faucethub
  3. Fauet system (no sign up required , money collected to address automatically when we make claim on connected sites)
  4. Faucet fly

Step 2 —  Claim bitcoin & altcoins on different websites

Just visit given sites  – follow instructions  given – solve  captcha – submit form – success

Here are some legit paying sites which pay to users who claim by solving captcha

Coinpot faucet list

Coinpot Faucets list!

MOON BIT CASH often to claim BCH !

MOON BITCOIN -how often to claim!

MOON DOGE –how often to claim!

MOON LITECOIN –how often to claim!

BITFUN– Play games ,earn money .

BONUS BITs -5000 satoshi every 15 min

MOON DASH – how often to claim!

Some direct paying big winner faucets

1.    FREE BITCO IN – win upto 200 $ in bitcoin every hour
2.    cointiply – similar to
3.     FREE DOGECO IN – win upto 150 $ in doge every hour
5.    Free Cardano Faucet – win up to $300 in Free Cardano!
6.    Free litecoin – win 200 $ in litecoin/hour + lottery
7.    free doge coin win – win upto 16 doge per claim
8.    FREE BITCOIN NEW -Win upto 300 $ in bitcoin every hour
9.     Multicoin btc faucet –
10. multicoin etherum faucet
11. SwissAdsPaysFaucet 
12.   SwissAdsPaysEthFaucet                                                                              
13. Doge for free – 
14.  Free–Bcash – Win upto 200 $ in BitcoinCash Every Hour
17.    FREE BITCOIN NEW -Win upto 300 $ in bitcoin every hour
18.   Trust btc faucet – win upto 888 satoshi and free lottery

Note : You can use deposit address of on other bitcoin faucets to receive money . Use coinpot wallet to send bitcoin ,To save fees, while depositing bitcoin on local bitcoin wallet, as local bitcoin is charging 15000 satoshis fees for receiving and other wallets are charging fees 10000 to 20000 satoshis for sending bitcoins to other address.

Earn bitcoin on ptc websites

Please find the list of these ptc sites on / using this link

Mullti-coin faucets

(sites which give up many coins) pay coins to faucethub

Please find the multi-coin paying sites list on this link

Method 2

Step 1 – Create your webpage or site using free services

You can create your free webpage using any one of the following free services

1.    Weebly

2.    wordpress

3.    Or choose any other which suites you best. There are many webpage creation tools which are free o cost.

Step 2 – embed your own referral links on webpage

Now get your referral links of faucets list mentioned on Method 1  – step 2. Try to make page lightweight by minimizing number of images. It is recommended to use text links. You will earn 50 % referral commission when anybody across the world will use any faucet. Referral is lifetime earning.

Step 3 – show ads on your webpage to earn money

Now you need to sign up for ad networks which accept all sites and pay money as per 1000 views and clicks as per their policies. Some pay only for clicks and some. Some pay for views and clicks both.

Here is a list of ad-networks which accept all sites

1.    Anonymous adverts

2.    Coin media ads

3.    Ad hitz network

4.    Token ads

5.    Ads now

6.    Cpm affiliation

7.    Traffic ad bar

8.    Find more networks using this link

Sign up and submit your website page for showing ads. After approval copy html or java code and paste it on your page where you want to show the ads. It is recommended that page must have content useful to viewers.

Step 4 – promote your webpage to earn more from referrals and ad-networks

You will find all lists of websites which help free of cost to promote your webpage.

Click here to promote your site free of cost.

Method 3

You can also earn money using affiliate programs of
1.    Bitcoin exchanges
2.    Amazon shopping
3.    Flipcart
4.    E bay
5.    Shop clues
6.    And many other online shopping sites (just search it on pc and choose which is suitable for you and your country)
7.    Android mobile apps referral program                                                                               ( warning : money earning is depend on sales made by your referral link)
Your earning = your own claims + referral commission + ad network payments + shopping sites referral comissions

1.  Convert all coins to bitcoin using exchange or convert service of microwallets
2.  Then go to local bitcoins
3.  Send bitcoins to bitcoin address of local bitcoins
4.  Choose your currency , country and amount to sell
5.  Choose payment method to receive money in bank or any other wallet

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