Hello world!

Welcome to mini bitcoins. This faucet is inspired , guided and directed by well known website 99 bitcoins owned by OFIR BEIGEL . Thanks Ofir sir for creating awesome bitcoin faucet wordpress plugin.

users can claim upto 10000 satoshis and get paid every sunday when they reach 10000 satoshis.Every sunday each user will receive double faucet payout than regular.YOU can contact us via this chat or reply section if any problem cause your inconvenience.

16 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Dear Team

    You have suddenly increased the toughness of the captcha. It’s almost unreadable now.
    Can it be a little easier, as before.
    Please lower the toughness of the solvemedia service. It’s straining the eyes.

    Please help.

  2. Thanks for the faucet, there is a small problem when I click to win satoshis[ disable adblocker], or when I want to change the captcha, or when I go to the page, SOMETIMES NOT ALWAYS, I get a windows alert security about viruses,spyware,etc and I have that switch off,and unplug computer, please help me I would like to continue working with the maw , Iwork with 99bitcoins, a long time ago and never had this problem thank you

    1. thanks for reporting problem we will solve it shortly. please inform us if it happen again.probebly its because of pop ads but not sure.dont worry we will get rid of it !

  3. Since yesterday,I get the button below satoshis, the message to disable adblock from my browser, first I not have installed adblock [win10], second to my browser [edge] the adblock is in off, the only thing that could be locking would be windows 10 security, something strange happens because I see the ads on the page minibitcoins, also a long time ago work with bitcoins, con pages such as btcclick, freebitcoin, moonbitcoin, fieldbitcoin,cetobeto, coinmine,coinplants,minebitcoin, luckybitcoin, getyourbitcoin, timeforbitcoin, XAPO rotator, EPAy rotator,99BITCOINS, etc, etc,etc, I never problems, THANK YOU MINIBITCOINS TEAM

    1. dont worry its normal . some users use adblock . i am not getting as many impressions as compare to no of claims . this message is shown to all whether browser has adblock active or deactive. it is just a request to all users to view ads who block ads.

  4. Dear mini bitcoins team, again me to left the message for viruses and spyware, when you enter the page of minibitcoins [sometimes], window security thing to detected and does not allow me to continue comes out, when on the screen, in the upper part of the left side speaker com leaves a voice security detects it and I can not ,continue, I have to turn everything off and restart your computer, since the las time I wrote to you I to come 3 times, please help thank you.