miniBitcoins’ faucet was built in order to help people get to know Bitcoin better and earn some Satoshis along the way. However since some people tend to take advantage of such websites the following rules must be followed by all users:

  • You can only claim once every 10 minutes
  • You are not allowed to claim more than 60 times per 24 hours. You can check how much you’ve claimed through the profile section on the top right of the site.
  • Be kind to others in the comment section, bad language will not be tolerated
  • Bots are not allowed on the faucet
  • You are not allowed to use a VPS or VPN to connect to the site
  • Captcha solving services and software is not allowed
  • Breaking one or more of these rules can (and probably will) get you banned.
  • if you want to get your referral commission to be paid on sunday you need to make at least 1 claim per 24 hours. penalty if fail to do so for 7 consecutive days.

If you feel you’ve been banned be mistake or have any other inquiry regarding the rules of the site please contact us through the comment form on the faucet’s homepage. But keep in mind that if you break one of these rules you will probably be banned for good.

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