Earn money by visiting these sites

It’s totally free, No investment !

STEP 1 – Thing’s you need

Pc / tablet / mobile

E-mail address

Coinpot account

Faucethub account

Bitcoin & altcoins addresses

Working Internet connection

Facebook & twitter account (optional)

STEP  2 – Visit these sites to claim money Daily & it Will make extra earnings for you

Coinpot faucets list

Big winner faucets list

STEP 3 – Make free webpage, publish ads and get paid

Use this link to make web page for free. No coding knowledge required. If you’re able to use Microsoft word then you’re able to make it.

After making webpage sign up for these sites for getting advertising block code. It’s pay us for showing ads.

Paste advertising block codes to webpage using “embed code option” & Publish your website. Also put your own referral links of sites which you are using daily to earn commission.

STEP  4 – show webpage to people

Social media like Facebook are great ways to show your pages to people.

You can use these sites to promote your website for tree.

Writing quality articles Will give you free search engine traffic.

Do not do this

Don’t make deposit on any site. Only withdraw your money.

Don’t click on your own ads. It Will block your account and you will not get your payment.

Do not play multiply btc game on any site because they are made to win you 1000 times but you will lose everything if you lose 1 time.

My story of success

I got engaged in this profession in 2016. I started using this sites daily 2 times , in morning and evening. In a day I spend 1 hour on this task. Then I started promoting referral links of each of the above sites. They offer 50% referral lifetime commission for promoting their sites. Today I have around 50000 referrals in all. And I am earning 1000 rupees (15$) daily. My earning is increasing upward as my referrals are increasing. Earning without investment is never been so easy. I have made it too easy by providing all essential links and step wise data. I have eliminated low paying & fraud sites from My list.

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