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  • Dogecoin Faucet

Looking for some free money? It’s simple, just roll the dice and earn anything between0.0574Dogecoins and 22.4608Dogecoins.

  • Hi-Lo Dice

Wondering how to increase your Dogecoins? We have a solution for you. Bet a few coins, roll the dice, and watch your balance grow (or shrink).

  • Raffle

Try to hit it big in our raffle. Get free tickets with each claim and purchase more tickets to increase your chance of winning. All prize winners are chosen randomly.

  • Our new Captcha is much easier to use. Just click on the image matching the word in the text and click on CLAIM.If you do not understand the word, click on the RED circle and you will be given a different word.


  • Daily compounded interest – Gold Members receive 10% annual interest compounded daily if balance is at least 300 Dogecoins . Free Members receive 4% annual interest compounded daily if balance is at least 400 Dogecoins . If you don’t wish to receive interest, please click on “Profile”, where you can opt out.



  1. Mining on your PC can cause a heavy load on your CPU, increasing its temperature. If your processor cannot handle the higher temperature, it is possible that your CPU can be damaged. You may want to start with a low usage setting (like 50%) and increase it if your CPU isn’t getting too hot.
  2. We are NOT responsible for any damage to your PC, so proceed at your own risk.
  3. Your PC will actually be mining Monero, which we convert to Dogecoins and credit your balance with your share of the income.
  4. You can run a report at any time that will display your mining income.
  5. You are able to stop and start the mining activity at any time. This is handy for times when you need full processor capability for another application.
  6. The miner works whenever you have the Dogecoin faucet running on a tab.
  7. The mining software won’t let you run the miner on more than one tab.
  8. But, you can run the mining software on more than one PC at the same time, even at the same IP.
  9. If you aren’t able to see any hashes, your antivirus software is probably blocking If possible, make an exception of Coinhive. AVG is particularly hard on browser mining operations.
  • Refer others & earn more – Want to increase your referral commission to 30%? Upgrade to Gold membership and receive more referral commission and other benefits.


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  • The number of Dogecoins you win depends on the number you roll, and its paid according to its corresponding position in the payout table below.
Lucky Number Payout Amount
0 – 9885 0.0574 Dogecoin
9886 – 9985 0.1894 Dogecoin
9986 – 9993 0.6250 Dogecoin
9994 – 9997 2.0625 Dogecoin
9998 – 9999 6.8063 Dogecoin
10000 22.4608 Dogecoin