coinpot’s moon bitcoin , dogecoin & litecoin faucets lauched again !

Good news

moon bitcoin , litecoin , dogecoin launched again after attack

Newly launched links

Moon bitcoin – claim bitcoin every 5 minutes

Moon litecoin – claim bitcoin every 5 minutes

Moon dogecoin – claim bitcoin every 5 minutes



However for this relaunch we will make the following initial benefits available to ALL users (new or old)…

1) All Loyalty Bonuses will be initially set to 100%, no matter what you may have had before. Of course you will need to use the faucets each day to retain this bonus as per the previous rules.

2) The Mystery Bonus will be fixed at 100% for the first 7 days before returning to being a mystery % again!

We thank you for reading this and for all your support in the past and future!

The CoinPot team

What happened to this sites in last few days

On Monday 1st June 2020 we sustained a targetted and comprehensive attack on our servers that are used to host CoinPot and our faucets.

This attack was in two parts…

Most of our servers became infected with the Makop ransomware.

At the same time there was a low level DDOS attack preventing us from accessing the servers.

These attacks meant that CoinPot and the faucets went offline immediately and stayed that way until we started to find ways to fix the problems. Predictably the ransomware attack was accompanied by demands for an amount totalling over $200k USD to decrypt and release the infected files.

This amount is far beyond anything we can afford to pay. Even if we were able to pay, there is no 100% guarantee that we will get the files decrypted and it would most likely encourage future attempted attacks. Therefore we decided not to go down that road and refused to engage with the attackers.

We have a strong (or so we thought) backup process. So we now took the steps to start restoring the sites on new clean servers. 24 hours of hard work later…CoinPot and most of our faucets were back on line exactly as before.

However our 3 oldest faucets were running on legacy software/hardware that hadn’t been updated for too long a time. Unfortunately we now discovered that some of the backups for these sites also contained data corrupted by the Makop ransomware.

Since then we have been trying to fix this and recover this corrupted data – but now we must accept that we have hit a brick wall. The data is lost.