• Start earning Bitcoins now!
  • 5 minute faucet
  • Hourly Jackpot Roll
  • High Paying Offerwalls
  • Watch Videos
  • Mining
  • 20% Referral Program
  • Weekly payments via Xapo, Faucethub or Coinbase
  • low minimum 500 satoshi cashout
  • Earn bitcoin while playing games!

Q: What is

Answer is a service where our members are rewarded Bitcoin in the form of Satoshis (a Satoshi is the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency) by viewing ads, completing surveys, completing microtasks, mining cryptocurrency, signing up to free offers and completing other tasks online from our Offer wall partners.
Our members can then redeem these rewards and receive bitcoin via their preferred payment method

Q: How can I earn bitcoins/satoshis?


Our members are reward

ed for their online activities. These can include watching a video, visiting a website, installing an app, playing a game and many more. After successfully completing the various tasks from our Offer wall partners you will be rewarded with some satoshi. Each task has a different reward amount.
We also enable our members to earn from our 5 minute faucet and our slots game.

Q: Which Offer walls are available?


We currently have offerwalls from the following partners:

TAP Research

Q: How can I redeem/withdraw my bitcoin?


We currently have 4 different payment methods to choose from. Members who select Xapo, Faucethub or Coinbase are automatically paid their cleared balance every week (on Sunday) if their balance is 500 satoshi or higher.

Members can also manually request a payment directly to any Bitcoin(BTC) address if their balance is high enough. There is a 10’000 satoshi fee to cover the transaction/miner fee.

Q: When is my cleared balance updated?


Most tasks from our Offer wall partners have a 30 day waiting period before you can redeem your reward. This is to help combat fraud. Within this time period our partners verify that the task has been completed as requested. Other earning such as Faucet, Mining rewards, Bonuses and Prize draws are credited to your cleared balance instantly.

Q: What does the Miner do?


The miner is a section of our website that allows you to mine cryptocurrency and be rewarded for it. It is built on Coinhive’s javascript miner. The miner does not mine bitcoin. It is mining another cryptocurrency using a different algorithm (CryptoNight) such as Monero(XMR), Bytecoin(BCN), Aeon(AEON), DigitalNote(XDN and Electroneum(ETN). When you start the miner it will start to produce hashs. These are the results of the calculations that your device is making during the mining process. Your reward is calculated by the number of hashes that your device produces and are accepted by the miner. During the mining process you will see a number followed by h/s. This is your has rate, the speed at which you are mining the cryptocurrency. The higher the number the more you will rewarded. A calculation is made based on the current exchange rate of the mining cryptocurrency into Bitcoin(BTC). You are then rewarded the amount in satoshis. Mining rewards are moved to your cleared balance periodically throughout the day.

Q: What is the Faucet?


The faucet is a page that rewards members free satoshis. Our Classic faucet page currently pays 10 satoshi every 5 minutes. Revenue is generated by displaying ads to our members. If the ads are of interest, then our members may choose to click on them to find out more information. The ad revenue is then used to pay our members for their visit. Our faucet page does require you to turn off any AdBlocker and not to use a VPN to access the page. A popup Ad may also be displayed to some users.

The 1st bitcoin faucet was developed by Gavin Andresen back in 2010. It used to reward visitor with 5 Bitcoins!

Q: Why can I not use the faucet?


You may receive an error when trying to use the faucet with a VPN, VPS or with an AdBlocker installed. This is intentional. Our faucet page as well as the hundreds of others across the Internet rely of the revenue generated by our advertising partners to be able to reward our members. You can whitelist on your AdBlocker application.

Q: Why can I not use the miner?


The javascript miner that we use to mine the cryptocurrency is usually detected by AdBlockers and other utilities such as No Coin as Malware because it has the potential to be, and has been in the past, run as a background process without the users knowledge. These hidden miner processes can cause your device to slow down, excessive power consumption on a smart phone or tablet/iPad and can even cause a device to overheat. Installing an extension to protect yourself from this is a good idea. One free extension which is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera is No Coin. Once installed you can whitelist bitcoinsfor me to continue using the miner to earn mining rewards.

Q: Why has my account been suspended?


Your account will be suspended and all rewards forfeited if you break the rules. These include self referral, having multiple accounts, using VPN,VPS or Proxy on our services and offerwall partners, attempting to use scripts, bots or any other means to try to automate earning rewards from any of our services. Once detected, your account will be suspended!