Best strategy while using cryptocurrency faucets

What should faucets user do to increase earnings ?

Altcoins faucets offer less amount as compare to bitcoin faucets.For example gives 20 satoshis at same time gives 0.16 doge per claim per hour. When we compare these rewards using usd conversion we get 0.0018 usd per claim from btc faucet and 0.0008 usd from doge faucet in real same time. Take another example of gives 7 satoshis after 24 hours and gives 562 litoshis after 24 hours. MOON BITCOIN gives 0.0064 usd and MOON LITECOIN gives 0.001 usd in real time. So use more bitcoin faucets and increase your earnings.

Always use faucets which pays you. Each fauceteer need to use legit and verified trusted faucets. Before using any bitcoin faucet you need to verify payment proofs, search for review of websites and look what other users are saying about faucet.

There are some faucets offers users several earning opportunities but this requires to reach minimum threshold of 0.0008 btc (swiss ads faucet), 0.0004 (multicoin faucet).Although these faucets are legit but it needs to reach minimum take longer time. If you are using multicoin faucet you need to make more than 2000 claims. (it will take 400 days to get payment if you make 5 claims oer day).More than one year for swiss ad faucet is not affordable at all & who knows that faucet will run in future or not ?

Faucethub , coinpot and faucetsystem are popular microwallets which are designed to combine faucets earnings . Each microwallets has own faucet list. Earnings from different faucets are gathered at one place and helps user to get payment in few days. This also provide exchange services to convert btc to altcoins , altcoins to btc.

Do not use faucets which use excessive advertisements , pop ups ,using mining on your pc without your consent. It slows your pc and device. It take more time to load page. So use faucets which use less captchas , less adverts , no mining , no pop ups , instant payouts.

Altcoins are also proven great achievement in this year 2017 -18 & 2019.But claiming altcoins from faucets is not a good idea. It is not profitable. Instead ,claim bitcoins from faucets and if you need altcoins exchange bitcoin for altcoins. This method is 30 to 50 percent more profitable than claiming altcoins from altcoins faucets. Do you know why publishers are creating more altcoins faucets ? because altcoins price is less and rewards are also less. SO altcoins faucets are more profitable to faucet owners not for faucet users.

Summary : So now a days to earn more rewards , a faucet user need to follow a best strategy.
  • use only bitcoin faucets more
  • use only instant paying faucets
  • avoid using high payout threshold faucets
  • use only verified faucets
  • also need altcoins (so exchange bitcoins for altcoins using coinpot , faucethub)