Altcoins PW-autofaucet and multicoin faucet Review (Legit faucet)

Earn 19 free coins from single faucet


You can earn from this autofaucet (also called floodgate) automatically, without clicking every times, every where.
You will get 2 free AutoClaims everyday you log into
You can get more AutoClaims by visitings some links… Once you got AutoClaims, just let turn the AutoFaucet to earn your money !
Get 3 more AutoClaims by visiting a link . Launch the AutoFaucet -Select the coin you want to claim on AutoFaucet. Each AutoClaim will cost you 1 AutoClaim. On the Multicoins AutoFaucet, you will pay the same amount of AutoClaims as different currencies that you have selected.

Earn coins from crypto games

  • You get a FreeRoll ticket every hour. Win up to 10000 BTC sats every hours on BTC FreeRoll
    But you can also win up to 0,15 BTC on the Jackpot
  • If you’ve got a LuckyNumber, check this out !
  • Win up to 50x on the Boomerang game or play to the DiceGame.
  • Chat Lotto : add money on the chat lotto.. The limit is reached? You win !
  • The Lottery tickets will let you earn up to 100000 BTC satoshi !
  • Some games are only available in BTC… but if you earn another crypto, you can simply use the exchange crypto tool.
  • If you do not like to play, go on the Multi Coins Crypto Miner.
  • You will get 2 free AutoClaims for the AutoFaucet if you log everyday on


Earn more crypto with the referral system of !
The referred person by you will be linked to your account for ever. You will earn 25% of his claims earnings !
It can be really lucrative if you know some peoples or if you got a blog, website, forum or another way to promote your referral link !


Select the currency you want to withdraw. You will see the withdrawals methods for this coin and the exact fees for each methods. You can add your addresses on your settings.

All transactions which are not confirmed by the email link will be automatically cancelled after 12 hours.
The fees will not be refunded for a cancelled withdrawal


You can deposit coins on your account from here. This process is free. It will cost no fees at all.

Select the coin you want to deposit on Allcoinspw. A deposit address will be generated for you and you just have to send any amount to the address.


You can exchange crypto coins from your account here. You can exchange alt to BTC or BTC to alt … or even alt to another alt !

Crypto Converter Tool

This is a practical tool which help you to know how much is the value of your coins. You don’t need to check the price or use any calculator… will do that for you.
You just have to enter the amount in any coin row and all others coins will be updated in the same time at their rate ! Simple as that !
If you want to exchange your coins, go to the exchange crypto page

Payment proofs : legit faucet

check my address for proof on faucethub